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Willowbrook Pediatrics is dedicated to providing you with personalized, comprehensive and coordinated care.

Since we have your medical records and know your child’s health history, we want Willowbrook Pediatrics to be your first point of contact for your healthcare needs. Not sure if it is an emergency? Let Willowbrook Pediatrics help you determine which type of care is best for your child. Depending on the circumstances, the Emergency Room (ER or ED) may not always be your best option for care. Willowbrook Pediatrics can help you access the care you need, when you need it.

Before deciding to go to the ER, keep in mind:
  • You may have other more suitable options for care.  

    • Willowbrook Pediatrics: Evening hours, Saturdays, and same day appointments are available. For emergencies, one of our doctors is always on call. You can always reach the on-call doctor through our answering service 24/7. If you leave a message with our answering service, and do not hear back from the on-call doctor within 30 minutes, call the answering service again and tell the answering service “The doctor has not returned my phone call. I need to speak to the on-call doctor now.” 

    • Pediatric Urgent Care Center: Might be an option after you have talked to the on-call doctor at Willowbrook Pediatrics. The on-call doctor at Willowbrook Pediatrics will help you determine if a visit to a pediatric urgent care center is required.

  • ER visits may cost significantly more. In most cases you have a higher co-payment or cost when you receive care at the ER(1). 

  • You may receive care quicker at other locations. The Average ER visit lasts over four hours, while most Urgent Care Center visits are an hour or less (1). 

If you have a question or need care, please call Willowbrook Pediatrics first. Calling Willowbrook Pediatrics before going to the ER may save you both time and money. To learn more about ER alternatives in your area, please call Willowbrook Pediatrics for more information.

(1) Urgent Care Association of America. Individual costs may vary.

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